Wireless GO II

Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System

Harness the Freedom of Wireless

The Wireless GO II features RØDE’s state-of-the-art Series IV digital transmission to deliver incredibly stable and clear wireless audio at a ranges up to 200m (line of sight), even in dense RF environments like offices, malls, busy streets and universities.

Couple in front of camera mounted on tripod with Wireless GO II connected

Incredible Versatility

With its 3.5mm analog and USB-C digital outputs, the Wireless GO II can record two individual channels of audio to DSLR and mirrorless cameras, iOS and Android phones and tablets, and Mac and Windows computers. A wireless microphone system that adapts to your needs.

Couple doing couch recording in front of camera on tripod with Wireless GO II connected

Safe and Sound

The Wireless GO II’s flexible gain control and safety channel ensure you can get perfect levels recorded to your camera, even if your subject suddenly gets louder, and with each transmitter featuring on-board recording, you’ll still have a backup of your audio even if you go out of range.

Seated interview with Wireless GO II

Pocket-sized Professional Audio

The Wireless GO II transmitters and receiver weigh less than 32g each and take up virtually no space in a camera kit bag, backpack, handbag or briefcase. With their uniquely compact form factor and innovative clip design, it’s incredibly easy to mount on clothing, camera cold shoes, boom poles or mobile camera rigs.

Person wearing Wireless GO II TX holding camera with RX connected

RØDE Connect

RØDE Connect 是一种免费的播客和流媒体软件解决方案,现在可与 Wireless GO II 兼容使用。RODE Connect 让您更容易从电脑上用专业品质的音频进行录音或流媒体制作。

RØDE Connect 允许多达四个实体客人,用两个 Wireless GO II 连接到一台计算机。它具有直观、易于使用的界面,其灵感来自于RØDECaster Pro。

注意:操作系统要求 - MacOS 10.13 或更高版本;Windows 10 版本 1803 或更高版本

Wireless GO II lounge podcast with RØDE Connect