My RØDE Reel 2018 Winners!

My RØDE Reel 2018 has been the BIGGEST EVER!

A record breaking 1,638 films entered from 99 countries!

Now it's time to announce the lucky Winners!


Here are the MAJOR PRIZE Winners for My RØDE Reel 2018!

Congratulations to:


People's Choice Winner - The Knight - Delia Chimbo

Best Female Filmmaker - Gems - KYNA Media
Best Young Filmmaker - Come Back To Me - Catherine McCord
Best BTS (Educational) - The Asylum Groove - The Film Look
Best BTS (Entertaining) - Super Intense Office Scene - Mike Mildon/Trophy Husbands



And now the Technical Award Winners for My RØDE Reel 2018!

Congratulations to:


Best Cinematography - Bakhona - The Burley Boys
Best Sound Design - SysAdmin - Vladislav Sergienko
Best Soundtrack - Dreamsoul - Albert Alvare
Best Art Direction - We're Out of Time! - Pablo Schmitt/Brainstorm
Best Location - The Mountain - Marcus Morrell
Best Acting - Still Here - Josh Jamieson & Oliver Watson
Best VFX - Wake Up! - Brennan Huizinga
Best Camera Phone Entry - The Void - Bullen Brothers

And now the Genre Award Winners for My RØDE Reel 2018!

Congratulations to:


Best Action - Man Eaters - Nicholas Acosta
Best Comedy - Super Intense Office Scene - Mike Mildon / Trophy Husbands
Best Documentary - Punishment - Don Cardona
Best Drama - Home - Team Home
Best Horror - Jao Tee - Filmotion
Best Music Video - Nothing Less - Glispirati 
Best Non-English Film - Consent - Florent Sabatier 
Best Sci-Fi - Forgetmenot - Forgetmenot Production
Best TVC - Slap In The Face - Rowlbertos Media
Best Vlog - KL By Night - Samuel Goh
Best VR Entry - A VR New Years in Hong Kong - Imagine This

The Regional Winners for My RØDE Reel 2018!

Congratulations to:


Best Japanese Film - Donut Whels - AVII Imageworks
Best Korean Film - Delusion - TeamFrame
Best Indian Film - Ghost Rider - Umesha G M
Best Chinese Film - Moral Road God - 数字光合 Studio


RØDE Microphones and the My RØDE Reel Partner Brands would like to thank and congratulate all the incredible filmmers around the world who took part in My RØDE Reel 2018!

Stay Tuned for More Winner announcements:

Winner Announcement Schedule:

August 29th - Technical Winners

August 30th - Genre Winners

August 31st - Regional Winners

September 3rd - Female Filmmaker, Young Filmmaker, BTS Winners

September 5th - People's Choice Winner

September 7th - Major Judges Prize Winner