Look Good, Sound Better

Designed to be the perfect app for recording both high-quality audio and video, RØDE Capture offers comprehensive control and configuration of your connected RØDE microphone without having to leave the app, including gain adjustment, digital signal processing, and other advanced customisation options to perfectly tailor the microphone to suit your recording scenario.

Wireless ME TX next to mobile phone showing RØDE Capture on violet chrome background

Compatible RØDE Microphones

Two Cameras Are Better Than One

RØDE Capture features two creative and powerful dual camera modes, allowing you to record using both your primary and selfie cameras at once in either split screen, or picture-in-picture configurations. Pair this with the Wireless ME and its two microphones, and you can capture professional video and audio from in front of, and behind the camera simultaneously – perfect for two-way interviews, video podcasts and social content creation.

Two-person camera view on RØDE Capture

From Interviews to Instagram

The RØDE Capture interface is super simple to use, giving you quick access to key video settings like aspect ratio, resolution and framerate adjustment, as well as auto-flash and countdown timer settings. Its intuitive interface makes RØDE Capture a powerful tool for amateurs and professionals alike – it's never been simpler to capture professional audio and video for your content.

Two-person interview using RØDE Capture