RØDE Warriors - Spotlight On: Music

We recently launched our very own Twitch team, RØDE Warriors – an assembly of awesome streamers and content creators from across the globe.

After introducing you to our IRL RØDE Warriors in our previous post, this week we're putting a spotlight on our music streamers.

We'll introduce you to our RØDE Warriors and find out what RØDE gear each of them uses on their streams.


Hayley, better known as HAYZEE, is a singer/songwriter who charms her viewers across the globe with her angelic voice. Over the past few years, HAYZEE's streaming career has taken off immensely, to the point where she's said adios to being a uni teacher and hello to life as a full-time streamer.

She captivates her viewers with a chill indie-folk vibe, covering follower-requested classics, as well as showcasing her own original tunes.  

HAYZEE rocks a RØDE NT1 front and centre, utilising its warm tone to produce capture her signature ethereal vocal in her streams. The NT1 is her "absolute favourite" RØDE product. “I have gotten SO many compliments on how crispy it sounds," she says, "and how well it’s able to capture the warm yet airy quality of my voice when I sing."

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HAYZEE with her RØDE NT1 large diaphragm condenser microphone.


With his love of guitar flourishing when he was just 6 years old, Chris (aka CMillerMusic) spent his childhood sitting atop his staircase strumming and singing along to Billy Ray Cyrus’ 1992 smash hit Achy Breaky Heart, which he says single-handely kicked off his music journey. Fast-forward to today and Chris is now a married father of three living in a regional Australian town, which makes it hard for him to travel and gig on a regular basis.

Streaming on Twitch is the perfect medium for Chris to continue his career in music from home, showcasing his immense musical talents while interacting with his fans and followers from around the world online.

His mic of choice is the RØDE NT1000, which does an excellent job of bringing out the rugged, rich flavour of his voice while streaming. "It can handle everything my vocals can throw at it," he says, "from the quiet and delicate, to the loud and powerful. This mic is an absolute must-have in my studio!"

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Canadian multi-instrumentalist 66Samus has been drumming since he was in diapers when his parents set up his first 'pots and pans' drum kit for him to start exploring the world of music. Following his thirty-plus-year career, where he has toured and recorded with artists such as Devin Townsend, 66Samus has taken to the Twitch arena with the goal to inspire his viewers to experience the joy of music. There, he combines his love of metal, double kicks and infatuation with the number 22 to enthral his viewers with an all-out drumming experience.

You can catch 66Samus rocking a Procaster and RØDECaster Pro combo when streaming. "I couldn't be happier with the combination," he says. "Amazing sound quality and control for my live streams!” To top it off, 66Samus also uses a matched pair of NT55’s to record his live drumming setup, which he usually utlises for stereo overheads. 

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66Samus prepping for a stream


Affectionately known as Merms, MermaidUnicorn is a talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Ottawa, Canada. After a life-changing accident that caused them to give up regular live shows, Merms has made Twitch their home, where they regularly stream live shows using a variety of different instruments to their community around the world.

Merms' mic of choice is their trusty NT2-A, which helps them deliver a powerful and dynamic ‘in-your-face’ vocal sound to captivate their audience. "It makes my vocals sound buttery smooth without any effects,” they say. “It truly captures the full texture of my low notes while handling the power of my high belting tones."

Merms also lauds the versatility of the VideoMic NTG for mobile streams, saying “I can record anything from ambient crickets in the night to a full-blown live concert in high quality."

Check out and follow MermaidUnicorn here.


Hailing from Chicago, the birthplace of so many iconic genres including gospel, blues and house, it’s no wonder bosxe knows a thing or two about music. Bo, or ‘bosxe’ as he’s known in the Twitch-verse, splits his time shredding on his Ibanez guitars (whom he is endorsed by) and streaming his gameplay of some of his favourite titles including New World and Rocksmith.

Bo is another of our RØDE Warriors who utilises the Procaster and RØDECaster Pro combo for smooth-sounding streaming audio, saying “I love my Procaster because it sounds absolutely perfect without needing to do anything to it, right out of the box. From streaming, podcasting, even tracking live instruments, the mic can do many things and do them all well."

Bo also has a set of four M1 dynamic microphones, which he uses when he’s streaming with guests, or performing live with his band Harms Way.

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bosxe live in action.


Sofia, or Sun as she prefers to be called, streams under the moniker sunfyretv on Twitch, where she wows her viewers with covers of metal and rock classics on a nightly basis.

Growing up in Costa Rica, Sun found her passion for music early on. She fell in love with drumming in particular, which she picked up when she was just 10 years old. Since then, she's relocated to New York, which she now calls home and hasn't looked back since.

The PSA1+ studio arm is a must-have for Sun when chatting to her viewers, as she’s able to position her microphone quickly and precisely, as well as being able to easily move her mic away when she's drumming. Combine this with the Procaster, her "favourite RØDE product", and Sun has the perfect recipe for professional-quality streaming audio. "Ever since I switched to the Procaster, my stream production and audio quality have become much more professional," she says.

Check out and follow sunfyretv here.

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