Top View

Top down view of the RODECaster Pro features

1Mic Channel Buttons

2Mic Channel Faders

3Full-colour LCD Touchscreen

4Record Button

5Headphone Output Controls

6Main Output Control

7Sound Pads

8Mute/Solo Buttons

9USB Channel

10Smartphone Channel

11Bluetooth Channel

12‘Host’ 3.5mm Headphone Output

Rear View

Rear of RODECaster Pro with features displayed

1XLR Inputs

23.5mm TRRS Input
(for Smartphone Channel)

3¼” Headphone Outputs

4¼” Speaker Outputs

5MicroSD Card Slot

6USB-C Connector
(for USB Channel)

7DC Power Connector

Box Contains

Box Contains

New to the RØDECaster Pro?

rodecaster pro channel faders and meters with signal

Livestreaming with the RØDECaster Pro

rodecaster pro channel faders and meter with signal, usb channel focussed

Setting up Microphone Channels

Equipped with four Class-A servo biased preamps, the RØDECaster Pro will perfectly complement any microphone and voice type for an incredible recording every time. Learn how to get your microphone channels set up for recording.

rodecaster pro microphone channel faders and channel buttons

Using Headphones & Speakers

The RØDECaster Pro offers flexible options for audio playback. With high-quality headphone and monitor outputs, anyone connected to the RØDECaster Pro is ensured crystal-clear audio. Learn how to make the monitoring system work for you!

RODECaster Pro volume knob for monitoring with headphones and speakers

rodecaster pro usb smartphone and bluetooth channel faders with signal on meters

Connecting Callers and Online Guests

With dedicated channels for smartphone, Bluetooth® and USB connections, integrating phone calls and guests via communications apps is incredibly easy on the RØDECaster Pro. Explore how these remote connections work and how to get the most out of them.

Using Sound Pads

The RØDECaster Pro features eight programmable sound pads with endless options for customisability. Whether you’re adding jingles or ad rolls, music beds or pre-recorded interviews, these are the key to giving your podcast a professional edge. Learn how to set up and control the sound pads.

rodecaster pro sound pads with triggered sound pad being played on the meters

Using Advanced Processing and Effects

Offering everything from compression to legendary APHEX® studio effects, the RØDECaster Pro's powerful on-board audio processors let you craft the perfect sound for your podcasts. Learn how to control and get the most out of each processor.

rodecaster pro effects edit mode enabled with a macbook pro with companion app and advanced audio processing applied

Recording to MicroSD Card

The RØDECaster Pro can operate as a standalone podcast studio straight out of the box, recording your podcasts direct to a microSD card. Learn best practice for recording to a microSD card with the RØDECaster Pro.

rodecaster pro recording to microsd card

Recording to a Computer via USB

The RØDECaster Pro provides the perfect link between the digital and analog sides of your setup. Learn how to record to a computer via USB and take your podcast workflow to the next level.

rodecaster pro connected via usb cable to a macbook pro with reaper open recording multitrack audio

Using MIDI Control

The RØDECaster Pro offers MIDI control, unlocking even more podcasting possibilities, including real-time fader control and vision switching. Learn how to get started with MIDI and take your workflow to new heights. 

Exporting Your Podcasts

Recording a podcast is one thing, exporting a professional podcast that is ready for upload is another. The RØDECaster Pro has some excellent features for optimising your podcasts; learn how to use these functions.

rodecaster pro connected via usb cable to macbook pro with exporting options in the companion app

Updating Your RØDECaster Pro

The RØDECaster Pro is constantly being enhanced with new firmware. Learn how to update your unit to get the most out of these features.

rodecaster pro companion app website with the firmware update instructions for mac and windows os

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