RØDECaster Pro Beta Firmware Version 2.1.2 Is Now Available To Download

A public beta version of the latest RØDECaster Pro firmware is now available. Firmware version 2.1.2 is the next major update that unlocks some very cool new features, including MIDI control, new sound pad functionality, and more. 

You can download the latest firmware here.

Please note that this is a beta version of the update, and while it has been extensively tested, we cannot guarantee that it is fully stable or bug-free, and therefore we do not recommend using it for critical recording.

rodecaster pro firmware 2.1.2

What's New In Firmware Beta Version 2.1.2?

MIDI Control – The RØDECaster Pro can now be used as a USB MIDI controller! This opens up a wide range of creative possibilities for podcasting and streaming, including DAW synchronisation in multitrack recording sessions, vision switching capabilities, and much more. Find out more about the new MIDI functionality, including detailed step-by-step guides for setting up two common use cases for podcasting and livestreaming via the RØDECaster Pro Learning Hub.

New Sound Pad Modes – In addition to the Latch, Pause, Replay, Play, and Loop modes, two new sound pad modes have been addeda “Swear Button” for bleeping out audio on the fly and a “Trash Talk” mode for muting the output to remote callers on the USB, smartphone, and Bluetooth channels.

ASIO Driver For Windows – This update includes an ASIO driver for ensuring a stable connection when using the RØDECaster Pro with DAWs such as Cubase and Adobe Audition on Windows computers. This can be downloaded separately from the RØDECaster Pro firmware page

New Language Options – The RØDECaster Pro now offers a selection of languages for the LED touchscreen display, including Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese, and Korean.

We hope you enjoy using the new firmware and would love to hear any feedback you have, including any issues you come across and suggestions for functionality improvements. Get in touch with us at service@rode.com.