Introducing the Interview PRO, Phone Cage and Magnetic Mount

Hand pairing Wireless PRO RX with Interview PRO for camera

Announcing a broadcast-quality wireless handheld microphone and two premium smartphone filmmaking accessories.

How to Set Default Names for Wireless PRO and Interview PRO Recordings

Wireless PRO Charge Case connected to MacBook showing RØDE Central

The latest version of RØDE Central allows you to set default file names for Wireless PRO and Interview PRO on-board recordings.

The Best Portable Podcast Setup for Any Budget

Person putting PodMic USB in Backpack

We cover three portable podcasting setups spanning across a range of budgets, so you can take your show on the road.

How To Make Your Podcast Sound More Engaging

Podcaster wearing NTH-100 using PodMic mounted to PSA1+

Getting your podcast to stand out in the crowd isn’t easy – we’ll show you how.

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