Introducing Two New Accessories For The Wireless GO II: FlexClip GO and COLORS 2

We just launched two awesome new accessories from the Wireless GO II compact wireless microphone system – the FlexClip GO and COLORS 2.

COLORS 2 – a set of coloured windshields, cable rings, tags and stickers for the Wireless GO II to keep track of your mics in multi-mic setups.

COLORS 2 – Wireless GO II Identification Set

COLORS 2 is a set of four coloured windshields, cable identification rings, tags and a sticker sheet for use with the Wireless GO, Wireless GO II, Lavalier GO and smartLav+, making it easy to keep tracking of who is talking on each microphone in multi-mic setups. The set is compatible with the Wireless GO, Wireless GO II, Lavalier GO and smartLav+

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The MagClip GO – one of three handy mounting clips included in the FlexClip GO kit for the Wireless GO.

FlexClip GO – Mounting Clips for Wireless GO

The FlexClip GO is a set of three clips for the Wireless GO and Wireless GO II that allow for maximum versatility when mounting a transmitter onto talent and other objects. It includes:

  • The MagClip GO for easy mounting of the transmitter onto clothing or magnetic surfaces
  • The CrossClip, which allows the transmitter to be discreetly mounted vertically in either orientation
  • The VampireClip, which can be used to attach the transmitter to clothing or fabric using the integrated double-tooth pin

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The Wireless GO II is the world's most powerful wireless microphone system – and with these addtitional accessories and updated compatability with RØDE Central and RØDE Connect, it's more verstile and easy to use than ever. Check it out here.