Who We Are

Welcome to RØDE.

We are a global leader in audio technology with a mission to amplify the voice and vision of the world’s creators. With a storied history dating back over 50 years, RØDE is a uniquely Australian-owned and operated company with a passion for innovation, obsession with quality, and enduring commitment to making incredible audio accessible to everyone. Since the beginning, we have been at the forefront of creator technology, revolutionising everything from home studio recording to audio for filmmaking to podcasting with iconic products that continue to inspire. 

We are The Choice of Today's Creative Generation™.

RØDE products are designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Sydney, Australia. Comprising five warehouses with a total footprint of over 280,000 square feet, RØDE's state-of-the-art facilities house over 500 million dollars in precision machinery and an international team of more than 800 people across highly skilled disciplines: electronics engineering, industrial design, technical engineering, robotics, audio and acoustics engineering, metal production, toolmaking, injection-mould technology, logistics, assembly, quality control, finance, marketing, and sales.

As well as our Sydney HQ, we have offices around the world, including the USA, China and the UK. RØDE products are exported to 119 countries globally.

RØDE is part of The Freedman Group, alongside Mackie, APHEX, Event and SoundField.

The RØDE Story


The Doors Open

The RØDE story began in 1967 when Freedman Electronics – the parent company of RØDE – first opened its doors in Sydney, Australia. Established by husband-and-wife Henry and Astrid Freedman after migrating to Australia from Sweden, Freedman Electronics soon became a leader in the fledgling Australian audio industry, becoming experts in loudspeakers, amplifiers and custom electronics, as well as dabbling in the odd microphone. Freedman Electronics was also the first company in Australia to carry Dynacord consoles, which gained fame in Australia whilst Henry sat behind the desk mixing a young Tom Jones during his 1968 tour of Australia. 

Painting of the Freedman Electronics building


The Birth of RØDE

With the technological advancement and relative low cost of equipment for home recording enthusiasts hitting new heights in the early 1990s, the stage was set for the entry of an affordable, high-quality microphone. Having sourced and modified a large-diaphragm condenser microphone from China and tested the market to great interest, Henry's son Peter Freedman began creating the infrastructure to design, build and manufacture microphones in Australia. RØDE was born. This microphone was the now-iconic NT1, which would go on to become one of the best-selling microphones of all time. This was soon followed by the NT2, another immediate success that well and truly kickstarted the RØDE journey towards revolutionising how creators capture audio.

Freedman Electronics engineers


Studio Domination

Throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, RØDE dominated the studio microphone market with models like high-end valve Classic and NTK, industry-standard radio microphones like the Broadcaster, and reissues of the NT1 and NT2. In just under a decade, the company had made an incredible impact in the pro audio industry with a winning formula of high quality and price accessibility and had become the brand of choice for a new generation of musicians and audio professionals. But another creative revolution was just around the corner, and in 2004 (rather RØDE released the microphone that would be there recording it all: the VideoMic.

NT1 microphone with cable on black fabric


Expansion at Home and Abroad

The early 2000s were significant years for RØDE. In 2001, the company established operations in the USA, marking the first step towards global expansion that has continued ever since. These years also saw RØDE invest heavily in manufacturing technology and expand its operations with a goal to produce world-class microphones at accessible prices in Australia. This ethos has been the foundation of the brand since the very beginning and one of the reasons RØDE products are so revered around the world. This commitment to in-house manufacturing and investment in the precision technology required to do so continues to be a hallmark of the RØDE difference today.

gold microphone capsules


On-Camera Dominance

Introduced in late 2004, the VideoMic changed the course of creative history. It was the world’s first compact on-camera shotgun microphone.

After its launch in 2004, the RØDE VideoMic found enormous success amongst a new generation of indie filmmakers in the late 2000s when DSLR cameras such as the Canon EOS 5D MKII became capable of producing cinema-quality video. The VideoMic was the perfect microphone for these creators, offering high-definition audio capture in a compact, easy-to-use form factor the likes of which had never been seen before. As vlogging and YouTube exploded over the next decade and beyond, the VideoMic was there recording it all.

Rode microphone on DSLR camera



The late 2000s and early 2010s saw RØDE significantly expand its catalogue, push boundaries, and diversify into new markets. Capitalising on the enormous success of the VideoMic, the on-camera microphone range grew rapidly with modern classics like the VideoMic Pro and the VideoMic GO. New additions to the live performance and studio range – including the industry-standard M1 and highly innovative NTR – continued to see RØDE mics in the hands of the world’s musicians, while developments in smartphone technology drove the development of several innovations for mobile content creators. Following the success of the Podcaster – one of the world’s first USB microphones – in 2007, the NT-USB was released in 2014. The Podcaster also set the scene for a string of groundbreaking products to come.

guitar player singing into microphone


Wireless Innovation

By the mid-2010s, RØDE had become the industry-standard microphone brand in the broadcast industry. The NTG professional shotgun mic range was now the go-to in film and TV; the now-legendary VideoMic had spawned a whole range of on-camera shotgun microphones, including the VideoMic Pro and Stereo VideoMic Pro; and a strong accessory line saw RØDE ascend to legendary status amongst location recordists and soundies. This reputation was taken to new heights with the release of the RØDELink digital wireless audio system in 2015. Announced at a huge product launch event in San Diego, USA, the system utilised RØDE’s groundbreaking 2.4Ghz digital wireless technology to deliver flawless audio transmission for film, TV, presentation, and stage use. The RØDELink Filmmaker Kit, Newsshooter Kit and Performer Kit outclassed contemporary digital hybrid wireless systems and established RØDE as the premier brand for innovative, affordable wireless microphones – a position that would be further cemented just four years later.

Rode Wireless microphones


50 Years of Freedman Electronics

In 2017, RØDE celebrated 50 years since Henry and Astrid Freedman first opened their humble shop in Sydney. Since its inception 1967, Freedman Electronics had become the home to four powerhouse pro audio brands: APHEX, Event Electronics, SoundField and, of course, RØDE. Across music recording and live performance, broadcast, filmmaking, podcasting and content creation, Freedman Electronics – with RØDE as its flagship brand – had earned its place as a global leader in audio technology. But the story was not over yet.

rode trip 50th anniversary book.


Podcasting Powerhouse

Always with a finger on the pulse, RØDE released its first dedicated podcasting product – aptly named the Podcaster – in 2007, just months after the term was first coined. As podcasting grew across 2010s, RØDE was the go-to microphone brand, with products like the Procaster and NT-USB being firm favourites amongst pros and beginners alike. In a sharp left turn for the company (then primarily known as a microphone brand), RØDE released the world’s first dedicated podcasting console, RØDECaster Pro, in 2018. An entirely unique product that allowed literally anyone to record a professional-quality podcast with ease, it helped fuel yet another creative revolution and marked a new phase in the evolution of RØDE.

Podcasting set up with Rodecaster Pro


The Choice of Today’s Creative Generation

As the saying goes, the stage was set for the next chapter in the RØDE story. The RØDECaster Pro was soon followed by the Wireless GO in 2019, yet another revolutionary tool for creators that leveraged RØDE’s established reputation in the professional wireless category and knack for knowing exactly what creators need and want from a microphone. The highly innovative TF5, VideoMic NTG and NTG5 microphones rounded out the 2010s – three flagship microphones across categories that RØDE has long-dominated: studio recording, on-camera and broadcast. With the dawn of the new decade, this streak of innovation continues with no sign of slowing down. The Wireless GO II, NT-USB Mini and RØDE Connect and VideoMic GO II are just some of the innovations that have kicked off the 2020s, with plenty more in the pipeline. Our mission to amplify the world’s creators is as strong as ever, as is our position as THE CHOICE OF TODAY’S CREATIVE GENERATION™. Get ready for what’s next.
girl with dsla camera with videomic go ii