10 VideoMic GO II Features You Don't Want To Miss

The VideoMic GO II is an incredibly feature-packed microphone, despite its diminutive size. At a glance, it may look like any other on-camera shotgun microphone, but there is a lot going on under the hood (and on the surface). Here are 10 features you don’t want to miss.

The VideoMic GO II is ultra-lightweight, compact and packed with features that make it very versatile


The VideoMic GO II features the same unique annular line tube technology as the award-winning NTG5 professional shotgun microphone and the flagship VideoMic NTG. This revolutionary acoustic design gives it a tight pickup pattern without off-axis colouration, resulting in a very natural, balanced sound.


The VideoMic GO II offers two distinct recording modes via either the 3.5mm analog output or the digital USB output. When used with a camera via the 3.5mm output, it is powered by plug-in power supplied by your camera and is super simple to use, with no complicated controls or switches. In this mode, it's designed to just pick it up, plug it in and go, giving you great audio with ease every time you record.

When used with a mobile device or computer, it functions as a fully featured USB microphone with a host of additional advanced features available (see below). This incredible patent-pending dual plug-in power operation sets the VideoMic GO II apart from any other microphone in its class.


Plugging the VideoMic GO II into a device via USB unlocks its powerful internal digital signal processing (DSP) capability. This gives you access to a high-pass filter, high-frequency boost, input pad and level control, as well as studio-quality effects such as a compressor, noise gate and the legendary APHEX Big Bottom and Aural Exciter. This processing is carried out within the microphone (rather than via a software plug-in), meaning you can hear it in real-time with absolutely no latency (echo or delay) when monitoring your audio – essential when recording podcasts or voiceovers!

The VideoMic GO II is fully compatible with RØDE Connect, offering an incredibly easy way to record professional-quality podcasts or livestreams


The VideoMic GO II is fully compatible with our free podcasting and streaming software RØDE Connect. This powerful software allows you to connect up to four VideoMic GO IIs (and other compatible RØDE mics) to a computer, with a fully featured interface that makes it incredibly easy to make professional-quality recordings.

Not only can you control settings like your mic input level and activate the studio-quality processing mentioned above, but there are also sound pads for triggering effects, connectivity with software such as Zoom or Skype for dialling in remote guests, the ability to bring in audio from your computer such as music or gameplay audio, together with dedicated outputs for livestreaming. Whether you’re a podcaster, streamer, or just want to up your audio game on a conference call, the VideoMic GO II with RØDE Connect is a powerful solution.


When using the VideoMic GO II in USB mode, the 3.5mm output becomes a high-quality headphone output, capable of driving even high-impedance professional headphones. This allows you to monitor your audio in real-time, with complete control over the output level via the RØDE Central mobile or desktop app.


The VideoMic GO II is fully compatible with smartphones and tablets. It is certified for use with Apple iOS devices and has also been optimised for use with all the latest Android devices.

To plug it into your device you will need either a USB-C to USB-C cable (such as the RØDE SC16) if you have an Android device or iPad Pro, or a Lightning Accessory Cable such as the SC15 if you have an iOS device with a Lightning input (note: this is a different type of cable to a regular charging/sync cable; you must use an Apple-certified Lightning Accessory Cable to connect the VideoMic GO II to an iOS device).

Once connected to your phone or tablet, the VideoMic GO II will become the default microphone and will work will the apps on your device. In some apps, you may need to select it as your audio source rather than the internal microphone, but in most cases, this should happen automatically (note: a small number of apps may not work with an external microphone – this is a limitation of the app, not the VideoMic GO II).

Lightweight and compact, the VideoMic GO II is perfect for use with smartphones for creating content for TikTok, mobile filmmaking, making video calls and more


There are two great mobile apps available for the VideoMic GO II. RØDE Central allows you to access and configure all the microphone’s advanced features, such as the high-pass filter and pad. These settings are then carried across when using the mic with other apps on your device, such as your phone camera app or third-party apps like Filmic Pro. If you want to record broadcast-quality audio on your mobile device with complete control over the mic’s advanced features, check out RØDE Reporter.


The VideoMic GO II comes with a professional shockmount for superior protection against vibrations in the microphone caused by knocks and bumps. The mount features an integrated cable management system. Many RØDE cables (including the SC15 and SC16 smartphone cables) come with a cable grip that fits perfectly into this system, together with an ultra-flexible segment to connect to the microphone, ensuring the shockmount performance is not compromised by a rigid cable.

The shockmount also features a sliding rail so you can position the mic perfectly on top of your camera: move it forward for easier access to the viewfinder or move it back when using a very wide-angle lens.

Pro tip: Did you know you can slide a Wireless GO or Wireless GO II transmitter into the underside of the rail for a neat, fully wireless boom solution?


The high-quality foam windshield that is supplied with the VideoMic GO II is perfect for preventing air movements from entering the microphone while indoors, when moving the microphone around (for example, on a boom or on your camera), or in calm outdoor conditions. It also works as a pop filter for reducing plosives when speaking into the microphone at close range, such as when you’re podcasting.

If you’re filming outdoors in windy conditions, we recommend using the WS12 furry windshield, as even light winds can affect performance. It also comes with a rubber seal to put over the cable socket that is not in use (either USB or 3.5mm), to prevent wind from entering the microphone from the rear.


Even with all this advanced technology, the VideoMic GO II weighs just 33g (1.2oz) – or 89g (3.2oz) with the shockmount and windshield. Being so lightweight, it’s perfect for use on a camera, in a mobile recording setup, or on a boompole, but this doesn’t mean it’s not robust. The VideoMic GO II features an all-metal body, machined from aerospace-grade aluminium, so you can be sure it’s up to a life on the road. Small but mighty indeed.