(Updated) MacOS Sonoma and How It Impacts RØDE Products

Update (1/11/23): Apple has resolved this issue with the latest release version (14.1) of macOS Sonoma. If you experienced any limitations when connecting an MFi-certified USB product to your Intel-based Mac, updating your operating system should resolve the issue. For more information on the initial issue, the original article continues below.

Apple recently released its latest major MacOS update, Sonoma.

A limitation has been identified in Intel-based Mac devices running Sonoma that affects compatibility with some MFi-certified USB audio devices (note: this does not includes M1 and M2 Macs).

MFi stands for “Made for iOS" and is a certification that denotes that an accessory has been approved by Apple to be used with its products. Many RØDE products are MFi-certified and will be affected by this limitation (along with audio devices from a wide range of other manufacturers). This causes compatibility issues and will likely mean you cannot use your RØDE product with your device that is running MacOS Sonoma.

This includes the following RØDE products:

  • AI-Micro
  • NT-USB+
  • PodMic USB
  • VideoMic GO II
  • VideoMic NTG
  • Wireless GO II
  • Wireless ME
  • Wireless PRO
  • RØDECaster Pro II (note: this affects USB 2 only)
  • RØDECaster Duo (note: this affects USB 2 only)

This limitation has been present in all beta versions of MacOS Sonoma and is present in the current release version.

RØDE has escalated this issue to Apple and they have confirmed they are working on a fix. We are waiting for further information on when it will be addressed. Until then, we recommend you do not update to MacOS Sonoma if you wish to continue using your RØDE product.

If you have any questions, contact our friendly customer service team at info@rode.com and we will be happy to help.