RØDE Connect Version 1.1 Is Here, Adding Sound Pads and More

We have released the first major update for RØDE Connect!

RØDE Connect is a simple and powerful software solution for podcasting and livestreaming with the NT-USB Mini. It allows you to connect up to four NT-USB Minis to a single computer and offers loads of powerful features that make recording or streaming super easy, including an intuitive recording interface, one-click audio processing, and channels for connecting remote callers or integrating external sound sources.

Version 1.1 introduces some awesome new features to the software that make it even more flexible and fun to use.

You can download RØDE Connect for free here.

Sound Pads

RØDE Connect now features eight color-coded sound pads for triggering music beds, sound effects or any other pre-recorded audio, just like the RØDECaster Pro!

These come pre-loaded with classic sound effects, but you can easily load your own sounds by simply dragging and dropping the audio file onto the desired pad. There are eight banks of eight pads available, allowing you to load up to 64 sounds in total. 

There are three different sound pad playback styles available: ‘Toggle’, ‘Hold’ and ‘1-shot’. 

Toggle – This is the default mode. When you click the pad, the audio will play and continue playing until you click it again. A handy timer will appear on the pad, so you know exactly how long until the audio ends. 

Hold – When in hold mode, click and hold the pad to play the sound. Once you let go, playback will stop.  

1-shot – This mode allows you to quickly fire off a sound multiple times in quick succession.  

In ‘Toggle’ and ‘Hold’ modes, you can select to either play the sound once or loop it indefinitely until you click the pad again. You also have the option to either replay ('Replay') the audio when the sound pad is paused and resumed or continue from the point at which it was paused ('Continue').

You can also change the name and colour of the sound pad and upload or delete the audio via the options tab.  

Swear Button and Trash Talk Modes

In addition to the standard ‘Sound’ mode, there are two extra sound pad modes available: ‘Swear Button’ (‘!@#$’) and ‘Trash Talk’.

When in ‘Swear Button’ mode, pressing the pad will mute all outputs from all channels and trigger a classic bleep tone. You can choose to replace this with whatever you want too!

When a sound pad is set to ‘Trash Talk’ mode, clicking and holding the pad will mute all audio from the ‘Virtual’ and ‘System’ channels, meaning anyone dialing in remotely will not be able to hear you or your guests – essentially putting your caller on “hold” while you chat to other guests.  

Solo Buttons

We have also added a solo button to each channel, just like you’d find on a professional audio mixer. This allows the host on ‘Channel 1’ to listen to one or more channels without having to mute all of the other channels, which is handy if you are hosting a podcast and you want to quickly listen to a channel without disrupting the flow of conversation. 

Check out all the new features in action:

You can download the latest version of RØDE Connect here and check out the NT-USB Mini here. Stay tuned for more RØDE Connect updates in the future!