RØDE Warriors - Spotlight On: Guitar

We recently launched our very own Twitch team, RØDE Warriors – an assembly of awesome streamers and content creators from across the globe.

After introducing you to our RØDE Warriors music team in our previous post, this week we're putting a spotlight on our guitar streamer team.

Below, we'll introduce you to our RØDE Warriors and find out what RØDE gear each of them uses on their streams.

RØDE Warriors Spotlight on Guitar


Mike from MikeLeonShreds will assure you that there's no track he can't shred a catchy bassline over. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, Mike is the bassist for the band Soulfly, but you can also catch him covering classics live on Twitch, streaming to his fanbase around the world. 

Mike is a massive fan of RØDE gear, saying "It's no secret that RØDE has a TON of incredible products, but the one that impresses me the most is the PodMic!" Working in a variety of conditions and situations both at home in the studio and on the road, Mike is able to rely on his PodMic to pull through with incredible audio. "No matter the conditions or situation," he says, "the PodMic delivers top-notch, crystal-clear audio to my audience each and every time!"

Check out MikeLeonShreds on Twitch here.


Mike from MikeLeonShreds on stage with Soulfly


A seasoned veteran in the live music scene, Chris from ChrisDavisTGI is the guitarist for The Ghost Inside and Texas In July. He's recently taken to streaming on Twitch to interact with his followers around the world and answer all the spicy questions about his career that everyone is so eager to find out.

Just as ESP is Chris' go-to guitar brand, the Procaster is his secret sauce for full-bodied streaming audio. "I love my RØDE Procaster mic because I know it’s always going to deliver," he says. Forget about over-the-top processing, Chris streams with his Procaster all clean. Iit’s so simple to use," he says. "I just plug it in and it sounds great every time. No extra processing needed!"

Check out ChrisDavisTGI on Twitch here.


Just like ChrisDavisTGI, Josh from TheJoshuaTravis uses Twitch to stream jams of tunes new and old to his viewers. A busy man at the quietest of times, Josh is the guitarist in four bands including Emmure and The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza for which he's constantly writing catchy licks that showcase his tremendous guitar skills and wowing audiences around the globe.

Josh reaches for the NTR ribbon microphone when he's recording, which emphasises the richness and solidity of the lows and mids of his voice. "The NTR is by FAR my favourite mic ever," he says, "If I had 50 of them...I’d use them all."

Check out and follow TheJoshuaTravis on Twitch here.

Josh Travis

TheJoshuaTravis with his assortment of guitars


You could say shredding is in Daniel Dekay's DNA. Playing in bands EXCITER and DIEMONDS, he has a knack for writing tight riffs – a skill that he also showcases on his Twitch channel. He's also a great interviewer, chatting to a cohort of renowend musicians about all things metal on his streams. 

Dekay is always on the hunt for the finest streaming audio, with the Procaster taking centre stage in his setup. He hails it as a "game-changer" for his stream, which primarily revolves around interactive guitar performances, making it vital to have a dynamic microphone with a rich sound that also rejects unwanted noise created by guitar strings. He pairs the Procaster with the "powerful processing" of the RØDECaster Pro to achieve top-notch a in seconds. "I always know that when I fire up the stream I can count on my audio being perfect every time," he says. 

You can check out Daniel Dekay on Twitch here.


YoungGun's Twitch channel is built on a foundation of love for music across many genres. He's also not afriad of a chllenge, taking on follower requests and sightreading them on guitar live on stream.

Specialising in metalcore and pop-punk, you can catch him playing the popular game Rocksmith, which allows him to plug in pretty much any electric guitar and play along, making it an interactive dream for YoungGun and his viewers.

YoungGun counts on his RØDECaster Pro for superior audio quality on his streams, taking advantage of its studio-quality processing and the abillity to seamlessly incorporate his guitar playing. "The RØDECaster Pro has given me the professional level of audio mixing and microphone effects I needed to take my stream to the next level," he says.

You can check out YoungGun on Twitch here.


YoungGun preparing to go live on stream

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