RØDECaster Pro Firmware Version 2.1.2 Introduces MIDI Control, New Sound Pad Modes and More

We are thrilled to announce the next major firmware update for the RØDECaster Pro, version 2.1.2. This new update introduces some awesome new features that make the RØDECaster Pro even more powerful for podcasting and livestreaming, including MIDI control, new sound pad modes, nine language options, and more. 

Firmware version 2.1.2 is available to download now via the RØDECaster Pro firmware page. This update was released previously as a public beta. If you downloaded this version, be sure to update to the latest firmware to ensure complete stability. 

See below for a rundown of the features included in RØDECaster Pro firmware version 2.1.2. 

MIDI Control

The RØDECaster Pro can now be used as a USB MIDI controller! This powerful feature unlocks the potential to control a range of functions on your computer from the RØDECaster Pro. This can help you improve your workflow or simply find uses for the RØDECaster Pro that weren’t previously possible. 

To turn on MIDI control, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Advanced’ > ‘Audio’ > ‘Operations’ and tap ‘MIDI Control’. Now when you connect your RØDECaster Pro to your computer via USB, you will be able to control various parameters within a host of programs via MIDI commands.

Two useful applications of the MIDI control feature are syncing the level faders in your DAW with the faders on the RØDECaster Pro mixer and changing scenes within streaming software like OBS using the sound pads. 

We have created step-by-step walkthroughs for each of these applications, which you can check out via the RØDECaster Pro Learning Hub.

New Sound Pad Modes

Firmware version 2.1.2 unlocks two new modes for the RØDECaster Pro’s sound pads – ‘Swear Button’ and ‘Trash-talk’. These are accessible via the sound pad options menu alongside the standard ‘Loop’, ‘Pause’, ‘Replay’ and ‘Play’ modes. 

Swear Button (‘!@#*’) – When a sound pad is in ‘Swear Button’ mode, it will mute all other channels and play the loaded sound when triggered. Note: when you select this mode for a pad, you will be prompted to either keep the original audio loaded onto the pad or replace it with a classic ‘beep’ tone. 

‘Trash-talk’ – When a sound pad is in ‘Trash-talk’ mode and is triggered, it will mute the audio output to the Bluetooth, smartphone and USB channels, meaning that any remote guests you have connected won’t be able to hear you or your guests in the room. 

New Language Options

In addition to English, the RØDECaster Pro and Companion App now offer several language options, including Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Italian, and French. 

To change the language displayed on the RØDECaster Pro, go to settings > ‘Advanced’ > ‘Information’ and press ‘Select Language’. To change the language in the Companion App, click 'File' > 'Restart To Change Language' and select your preferred language. 

ASIO Driver for Windows Computers

In addition to the new firmware, we have also supplied a new ASIO driver for using the RØDECaster Pro with Windows computers.  

The RØDECaster Pro utilises a standard USB audio 2.0 plug-and-play protocol, however, some audio software does not always interface with this protocol, such as Cubase and Adobe Audition. This custom ASIO driver for the RØDECaster Pro will ensure a stable connection in these circumstances. 

To download the driver and read the installation and setup guide, head to the RØDECaster Pro firmware page

RØDECaster Pro firmware version 2.1.2 is available to download now. For more information on these new features, be sure to check out the RØDECaster Pro Learning Hub