Now that you know how to set up the microphone channels on your RØDECaster Pro, the next step is to get each guest connected on headphones and/or connect a pair of speakers.

Using headphones is important while podcasting as it allows you and your guests to distinctly hear what is being recorded so you can listen to and interact with each other clearly.

Person with headphones adjusting volume knob on RØDECaster Pro

As the host, it’s particularly important for you to use headphones as you will be in charge of setting up and monitoring all the other channels, including other participants in the room, remote guests dialling in via the smartphone, Bluetooth or USB channels, as well as controlling the sound pads and external sound sources. All of this requires you to be able to hear exactly what is being fed into, and out of, the RØDECaster Pro.

We recommend using quality headphones that are comfortable to wear for long periods of time, though any headphones with either a 3.5mm or ¼-inch jack will work fine.

The monitor output is for plugging in speakers, which is handy if you’re in a live podcasting environment, as well as connecting the RØDECaster Pro to external equipment, such as an interface, recorder or broadcast gear.

Bonus Tip

The outputs on the back of the unit have ¼-inch connectors, so you will need to use headphones with a ¼-inch jack or use adaptors like the HJA-4. The output on the front of the RØDECaster Pro has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

Four HJA-4s

Pro Tip

In order to avoid any electrical noise when connecting speakers, make sure to use balanced ¼ inch TRS cables.

Now that you have microphones, headphones and speakers set up, check out the next step on connecting online guests and callers with the USB, smartphone and Bluetooth channels!