Stereo VideoMic Pro Shines in Arctic Circle

Liverpool Land is a sparse and beautiful peninsula in the far north eastern region of Greenland, approximately 540km north of the Arctic Circle. Apart from polar wildlife this area has seen very few visitors, with many areas unnamed and only a handful of ranges ascended by climbers. Adventurers and Australian Geographic Spirit of Adventure awardees Natasha Sebire and Gemma Woldendorp decided to conduct an expedition to the area, to be the first to ascend many of the ranges and paraglide over this spectacular landscape. In April 2012, equipped with just a RODE Stereo VideoMic Pro and their Canon 7D Natasha and Geema left Sydney for Reykjavik, Iceland and then on to Greenland. After a two day journey across frozen fjords via traditional dog sled, the pair reached the borders of far north Liverpool Land and set up camp on a small icecap which became their base for the following weeks of hiking and paragliding. Gemma and Natasha have both used RØDE microphones on previous projects, and as they were filming with a DSLR on this expedition the pair found the RØDE Stereo VideoMic Pro to be the natural choice to document the journey. The Stereo Video Mic Pro provides a natural and immersive stereo image, and features a +20dB level boost to lower the noise floor on the recorded footage. The DeadKitten windscreen provided protection against the harsh arctic winds, ensuring broadcast quality audio at all times. “I wanted to let you know the mic was fantastic!” commented Natasha on their return. “We had an amazing trip, it exceeded all our expectations - it stood up to some pretty rough treatment. The battery lasted the entire trip which was pretty good considering I didn't bother pre-warming it.”