Introducing the Interview PRO, Phone Cage and Magnetic Mount

Today, we are excited to announce three brand-new products – the Interview PRO, a broadcast-quality wireless handheld microphone for use with RØDE wireless systems, and two premium smartphone filmmaking accessories, the Phone Cage and Magnetic Mount, which join our industry-leading range of solutions for today’s generation of mobile content creators.

“We are extremely excited to reveal these three new products today,” says RØDE CEO Damien Wilson. “RØDE has been helping creators capture incredible content with their phones since the early days of smartphone technology. We pioneered the plug-and-play smartphone mic category with innovations like the VideoMic Me and iXY, and more recently, with the VideoMic NTG and VideoMic GO II.

“Last year we released RØDE Capture, the first video app designed specifically for today’s creators. And we invented the world’s first wireless microphone that was universally compatible with mobile devices, the Wireless GO II, which kickstarted a revolution in smartphone content creation.

“Today, we offer a wide range of audio solutions for mobile creators, and we are thrilled to introduce two new offerings to this ecosystem with the Phone Cage and Magnetic Mount. When combined with one of our microphones, these accessories give creators all the tools they need to capture incredible content on their phone.

“We are also thrilled to introduce the Interview PRO to our wireless range. Not only is this the ultimate solution for street interviews and run-and-gun presentations, but its compatibility with all of our Series IV wireless products makes it ideal for many different content creation applications, from professional broadcast to podcasting.”

TV reporter holding Interview PRO

The Interview PRO’s omnidirectional polar pattern makes it very forgiving when it comes to mic placement – perfect for interviews, presentations and other voice applications.

Interview PRO

The Interview PRO is a broadcast-quality handheld condenser microphone for use with any RØDE Series IV wireless system. This includes the Wireless PRO, Wireless ME and Wireless GO II compact wireless systems for recording pristine audio into a camera, smartphone, or even a computer.

It can also be paired directly to the RØDECaster Pro II, RØDECaster Duo and Streamer X just like an XLR microphone, making it ideal for podcasting, small presentations, or streaming applications where you need the freedom of a wireless microphone.

Utilising our state-of-the-art Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption, it delivers incredibly stable wireless audio with a range of up to 200m (line of sight) and is optimised for close range operation.

Featuring a professional-grade condenser capsule, the Interview PRO delivers rich, detailed voice reproduction, and its omnidirectional polar pattern makes it very forgiving when it comes to mic placement, making it perfect for interviews, presentations and other voice applications.

Our GainAssist technology – which utilises intelligent algorithms to automatically control the mic’s audio levels on the fly – ensures that the signal being sent to the receiver is perfectly balanced and minimises the risk of clipping.

RØDE wireless product ecosystem

The Interview PRO can wirelessly pair to any RØDE Series IV wireless receiver, including the Wireless PRO and consoles such as the RØDECaster Pro II.

It also features 32-bit float on-board recording, allowing you to record directly on-board with no chance of the audio clipping. 32GB of internal memory offers over 40 hours of record time, with a dedicated button for stopping and starting recording. Not only does this mean you will always have a clean backup of your audio, but it also allows the Interview PRO to be used as a standalone field recorder, with no need to connect to a receiver, making it incredibly versatile.

Essentially, the Interview PRO combines all of the features of the game-changing Wireless PRO with the pristine audio quality of a professional handheld microphone. Internal shock mounting of the capsule ensures minimal handling noise, with an internal pop filter for reducing plosives, plus it includes a high-quality windshield for recording outdoors. It is the ultimate microphone for conducting street interviews, presenting in the field, hosting a casual podcast or creating content on the move.

The Interview PRO will be available in May 2024. Learn more about the RØDE Interview PRO here.

Phone Cage

The Phone Cage is a premium magnetic smartphone mounting system designed to help you elevate your mobile content with professional audio, lighting and mounting solutions. Offering 33 mounting threads and five cold shoe slots, the Phone Cage is incredibly versatile and allows you to build your ultimate mobile videography rig, tailored to your exact needs.

At the heart of the Phone Cage is a powerful magnetic mounting disc for attaching any MagSafe® iPhone® or MagSafe-compatible smartphone case or accessory. This is incredibly secure and allows you to instantly transform you smartphone into a professional filmmaking rig, with the option to add microphones and other accessories effortlessly. Integrated cable management slots make it easy to stay neat and tidy, with a slot in each corner for use in any configuration.

Man holding Phone Cage

The Phone Cage is designed to function as an ergonomic grip, for use in both landscape and portrait shooting orientations.

By itself, the Phone Cage can be used as an ergonomic grip for handheld filming, but its wide array of attachment points also make it easy to attach additional handles or grips, or mount onto tripods or desk mounts, taking stability to the next level either on the move or in the studio.

With its innovative design allowing for both portrait and landscape orientations, the Phone Cage is perfectly suited to capturing cinematic footage in traditional horizontal aspect ratios as well as vertical content for TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and other social media platforms.

Constructed from high-grade aluminium, the Phone Cage is both rugged and lightweight, making it easy to carry around and durable enough to withstand the rigors of run-and-gun filmmaking.

The Phone Cage will be available in April 2024. Learn more about the RØDE Phone Cage here.

Magnetic Mount

The Magnetic Mount is another versatile magnetic mounting system for attaching microphones, lights and other accessories to any MagSafe iPhone or MagSafe-compatible smartphone case or accessory.

It features the same ultra-strong magnet as the Phone Cage for attaching to a phone with complete security, even with vigorous use, and instead of the cage, it comes with three removable arms: short and long cold shoe arms for shooting in landscape or portrait mode, plus a long arm with ¼-inch thread for mounting onto a tripod, handle or desktop arm for use in a wide range of video or content creation applications.

Girl filming on iPhone with Magnetic Mount

The Magnetic Mount features short and long cold shoe mounting arms, allowing for use in both portrait and landscape shooting orientations.

The Magnetic Mount’s portable, modular design makes it a breeze to transport and set up on the fly, and it is super lightweight and compact, making it the perfect addition to your everyday carry.

Now offering a complete ecosystem of microphones and mounting solutions for smartphones, these two new products solidify RØDE as the go-to brand for mobile content creators.

With the Phone Cage and Magnetic Mount, plus any of our best-selling wireless or shotgun microphones, it has never been easier for you to produce exceptional looking and sounding video content with your phone.

The Magnetic Mount will be available in April 2024. Learn more about the RØDE Magnetic Mount here.