The New Standard

The TF-5 represents a new standard for small-diaphragm condenser microphones. Its state-of-the-art capsule is precision-engineered to sub-micron tolerances, giving it unprecedented consistency of tone and response. Crafted to perform magnificently in the most demanding musical recording applications, the TF-5 represents the ultimate expression of RØDE's manufacturing and acoustic design expertise.

TF-5 on black background

Unique Versatility

The TF-5 offers the hallmark clarity and airiness of other small diaphragm microphones and adds to this a warmth that is often lacking in mics of this type, making it uniquely versatile. The TF-5 performs brilliantly in a stereo pair for recording everything from drum and pianos to entire orchestras, or on its own for capturing the nuances of acoustic instruments or percussion.

TF-5 Matched Pair on Stereo Bar recording harp

Designed In Collaboration With Tony Faulkner

Pioneer. Legend. Maverick. Many words have been used to describe Tony Faulkner, the prolific and award-winning classical music recording engineer. But few of those words adequately capture his contribution to the field of music recording; his prolific career, his technical innovations and the body of wonderful recordings that feature his name. RØDE is proud to have worked with Tony in crafting this exceptional microphone.

Tony Faulkner adjusting TF-5