5 Things You Didn't Know Your Wireless GO II Can Do

The Wireless GO II is an incredibly powerful creative tool. In addition to delivering high-quality audio, it is designed with versatility in mind and offers a feature set unlike any other microphone in its class. 

The Wireless GO II has also evolved since its release. Several firmware updates, accessory releases and new software compatibilities have unlocked even more creative potential from this little microphone.

With such rapid development, it can be easy to overlook some features that may be very useful to you. Here we take a look at five things you may not know your Wireless GO II can do. 

Start/Stop On-board Recording Remotely using a Smartphone 

The ability to automatically record audio directly to the transmitters is one of the features that truly set the Wireless GO II apart when it was released.  

Not only does this provide a safeguard against dropouts and any other issues that may occur while recording, but it also allows the Wireless GO II to be used as a standalone field recorder.  

On-board recording can be configured to begin as soon as a transmitter is turned on or to only start when it connects to the receiver. But did you know you can also remotely start and stop recording using your smartphone?  

Plug your Wireless GO II receiver into your smartphone and open the RØDE Central app for iOS or Android. In addition to being able to change the reciever's settings, you will be able to see what transmitters are connected and change settings remotely. Simply toggle the 'Record' function to 'Off' to stop recording and 'Backup' to start recording, then click 'Apply'.

Over 40 Hours of On-board Recording

Each Wireless GO II transmitter can store over 40 hours of compressed audio, which is significantly more than any other microphone on the market.

To activate 'Compressed' recording mode, plug the Wireless GO II into a computer or mobile device, open RØDE Central and select 'Standard Quality (Compressed)'.

Once selected, the recording capacity will jump from seven hours of recording (in 'Uncompressed' mode) to a massive 40-plus hours. This is more than you will ever need, even when recording long sessions out in the field.  

The Wireless GO II utilises an extremely efficient compression algorithm that produces a broadcast-quality audio stream when in 'Compressed' mode, so you don’t need to worry about compromising your recordings in this mode. 

Low Sensitivity Mode

There is nothing more frustrating than pulling up your audio in post-production and realising your microphone clipped at some point during recording. This is almost impossible to rectify. But did you know you can lower the input gain of the transmitter to help stop this from happening? 

To do this, activate 'Low Sensitivity Mode' on the transmitters using RØDE Central to engage an input pad. This will lower the input gain, making it less likely that the microphone will clip when used to record very loud sounds.  

Interview GO adaptor for recording interviews or any other scenario where you or your talent are talking very close to the microphone. It also affects the 3.5mm input if you’re using an external lavalier mic.  

To ensure you always record the best audio quality possible, it is important to consider not only the microphone input level, but also the output level going to your recording device. The Wireless GO II has a very wide output gain range, making it adaptable to a broad range of devices. In addition to using the pad, make sure you utilise the Wireless GO II’s 'Fiine Gain Control' to match the output level to your camera.

setting the Wireless GO II's gain perfectly here.

Compatibility with RØDE Connect

RØDE Connect, allowing you to podcast or stream on a computer with professional quality wireless audio.  

This is great for streaming scenarios where you need a little more freedom, like IRL streaming or recording presentations or classes. It’s also ideal for recording interviews for a podcast, or more casual podcasting setups where you or your guests don’t need to be close to the recording device. 

learn about RØDE Connect and download it for free here.

Accessories for Unlocking More Creative Possibilities

Since launching the original Wireless GO in 2019, we have developed a huge range of accessories for the mic that unlock all kinds of creative possibilities.  

MagClip GO, a magnetic mount that allows for easy positioning of the transmitter on the talent. 

SC17) and more. 

VideoMic NTG – perfect for a wireless boom mic setup. 

There you go – five things you may not have known your Wireless GO II can do. Keep an eye out for more feature updates in the future!

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