RØDE Introduces Industry-leading Parental Leave Policy to Support Employees and Their Families

RØDE has introduced a brand-new Parental Leave Policy aimed at providing more support for employees who are starting or extending their families.

(L-R) RØDE employees Sun Kyung Sunwoo, Lydia Osborne, Kitty Ching and her son Emmett, Sarah West, Cindy Ngo, Heather Reid.

The unprecedented policy is applicable to all full-time RØDE employees in Australia and offers 20 weeks of full paid leave to the primary caregiver. This entitlement not only covers the employee’s full salary, but also their superannuation contributions for the paid leave period.

It also includes a ‘Childcare Allowance’. This entitles parents who choose to return to work before the end of their paid leave period to receive an additional 50 percent of their salary for the remainder of the 20 weeks to cover the cost of childcare – an industry and Australian first.

Commenting on the new policy, RØDE CEO Damien Wilson said, “We have always been proud to foster a nurturing work environment here at RØDE. We strive to support our employees in all aspects of life, both personal and professional, and have taken a number of steps to build a workplace culture that represents this. RØDE’s new parental leave policy will ensure employees feel financially stable and that their career development is secure.”

The policy overhaul reinforces RØDE’s commitment to cultivating a supportive environment for female employees. It was developed in collaboration with a committee of women from across the company who identified key entitlements they wanted covered, including the 20-week full paid leave period, the inclusion of superannuation, and flexible return-to-work options.

“It is important to the company, and the country, that anyone who chooses to become a parent feels supported while balancing the demands of their career and their family. This new policy will ensure that any RØDE employee who has children is not disadvantaged, both while they are raising their family and in their future.”

RØDE packaging designer Kitty Ching, the first beneficiary of RØDE’s new parental leave policy, and her son Emmett.

The first beneficiary of the new policy is Packaging Designer Kitty Ching, who has been on parental leave following the birth of her first child in late 2020. The policy has been applied retrospectively, ensuring that she is compensated for her leave period.

“Starting a family has been wonderful,” says Kitty, “and now as I’m thinking about returning to work, it’s comforting to know that additional support is in place and that I won’t be disadvantaged in the future when it comes to my super.”

RØDE’s new Parental Leave Policy is effective as of July 1st 2021 and applies to all eligible Australian-based employees, with plans for further extensions to the company’s family support network currently underway.