RØDE Central

RØDE Companion App

RØDE Central is an easy-to-use companion app for compatible RØDE products that lets you configure your device settings, unlock advanced features, activate and deactivate functions, and update your firmware. It’s free to download, with desktop versions for Mac and Windows and mobile versions for iOS and Android available.

Key Features:

RØDE Central Desktop

RØDE Central desktop makes setting up and using your RØDE product incredibly easy. Free to download for Mac and Windows.

Note: OS Requirements – MacOS 10.15 or later; Windows 10 Version 1803

Click here to see the software release notes.

Rode Central on Iphone

RØDE Central Mobile

RØDE Central is also available on mobile for both iOS and Android devices. Free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

Note: OS Requirements – iOS 14 or later; Android 9.0

Rode Central on Iphone