How To Use Multitrack With The RØDECaster Pro: Walkthroughs For Your DAW

Earlier this year, we announced the first major firmware update for the RØDECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio. This introduced a stack of new features, including an updated user interface, mix-minus on the USB output and the much-anticipated multitrack to USB functionality.

Download the latest version of the firmware here

How To Set Up Multitrack Recording on The RØDECaster Pro

Multitrack mode (called ‘multi-channel’ mode on the RØDECaster) allows you to record not only the stereo mix of your podcast (as was previously the case with the RØDECaster) but also each individual track, allowing you to mix and edit your podcast in post-production.

This is activated via the RØDECaster Pro’s ‘Advanced’ settings. Once activated, an additional RØDECaster Pro USB output device will appear on your computer, in addition to the regular stereo USB output.

This additional USB device has 14 different sources available. The first two tracks are the stereo mix, exactly as the RØDECaster Pro records to the microSD card. The remaining tracks represent the sources on the RØDECaster Pro, going from left to right across the console – starting with Mic 1 and going across through Mics 2, 3 and 4, the USB input, TRRS phone connector, Bluetooth input, and finally the sound pads. The mic channels are single mono tracks, and all the other tracks are stereo – first left, then right. There is also the option to remove audio processing from the multitrack outputs, while it remains on main stereo mix

The process for accessing and allocating tracks on you computer will vary dependfing on what DAW and operating system you use. We have created a handy suite of walkthroughs to guide you through these processes. The DAWs we have covered are Audition, GarageBand, Logic Pro X, ProTools, and Reaper. Download the right one for your DAW below, or download the entire suite here.


Download the walkthroughs    
Audition Mac PC
Garageband Mac  
Logic Pro X Mac  
ProTools Mac PC
Reaper Mac PC

Keep an eye on the RØDECaster Pro page for further updates to the firmware and subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of further releases. If you have any further questions about your RØDECaster Pro, get in touch with us here