RØDE Warriors - Spotlight On: IRL Streaming

Last month, we launched our very own Twitch team, RØDE Warriors – an assembly of awesome streamers and content creators from around the globe.

After introducing you to our gamer RØDE Warriors in our previous post, this week we're putting a spotlight on our IRL and variety streamers. 

Today, we'll introduce you to our RØDE Warriors and find out what RØDE gear each of them uses on their streams.


It’s safe to say Splucy is a fan of the outdoors, where you can find her battling the elements while she streams her fishing adventures to viewers across the globe. Apart from fishing, you can watch her whipping up delicious dishes made from her quality catches, as well as throwing in a bit of variety streaming, such as gameplay, quizzes and general discussions with her followers to mix up her content.

As part of the job requires Lucy to be up and about, it’s essential that she has a high-quality wireless recording solution like the Wireless GO II to make sure her viewers can experience every single catch alongside her with crystal-clear audio. In particular, the Wireless GO II's high-quality furry windshields are a must-have for all of her outdoor content. "My audio is clear and free of wind," she says, "and I have plenty of unrestricted space to stream in!"

Check out and follow Splucy on Twitch here.


Splucy adventuring with her Wireless GO II.


Jeff and Grace, who host the fitness and lifestyle channel FitForPurpose, have each been through their own arduous fitness journeys to get to where they are today. Their channel is all about health and fitness, with the goal of motivating others to make choices that are fit for life.

Jeff is an avid RØDE devotee. The RØDECaster Pro is an essential part of his arsenal, allowing him to keep his viewers engaged and immersed in the fitness experience by incorporating guests into his streams. “I can freely have guests in on gym streams and phone call interviews via Bluetooth without any extra hardware or hassle,” he says.


Molly from MissMollyMakes is another case of turning something you’re passionate about into a thriving career. Originally an operating room nurse, Molly exchanged her scrubs for an apron and the sanctuary of the kitchen, where she broadcasts her extraordinary culinary creations with her partner Exceede to thousands of viewers around the world.

Their gear of choice is the low-profile HS2 headset microphone, which allows them both to move around the kitchen without compromising sound quality or adding any unwanted noise to their streams. “It sounds fantastic," Molly says, "It's super lightweight and it's so low-profile you forget it's even there! We're coming up to 700 hours of run-time in the kitchen with ours, and it continues to impress each stream."

Check out and follow MissMollyMakes on Twitch here.


Molly and Exceede from MissMollyMakes.

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