High-quality Condenser Capsule

2 Zero-latency Indicator LED

3USB Power Indicator LED

4 Headphone Level Control

Thread Attachment for Mic Stands and Studio Arms

6 Detachable Magnetic Desk Stand

NT-USB Mini front on white with feature points


1 In-built Pop Filter

2 360-degree Swing Mount

3 USB-C Connector

4 Headphone Output

NT-USB Mini back on white with feature points

Pro Tip

The NT-USB Mini’s studio-quality 24-bit, 48KHz A/D conversion ensures extremely low distortion and very high dynamic range.

Pro Tip

We recommend you turn the volume up to maximum on your computer or mobile device when using the NT-USB Mini, then use the NT-USB Mini to adjust your headphone levels. This will ensure you have control over the full output range.

Pro Tip

When recording for voice applications, the best position for your microphone is less than six inches from your mouth. The easiest way to get your NT-USB Mini closer is by using a compatible desk stand or studio arm like the PSA1 or DS1.



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