VideoMic GO II feature points

1Sliding Rail

2USB-C Audio Output

3Level Peak Warning LED

4Professional Shockmount

5High-quality Windshield

6SC14 – 3.5mm TRS to TRS cable

7Cold Shoe Mount with 3/8” Thread

8Cable Management Slots

93.5mm TRS Output

Available On Computers (Mac and Windows) Mobile devices (iOS and Android) Computers (Mac and Windows) and mobile devices (iOS and Android)
Update Firmware
Adjust Input Gain
Direct Monitoring On/Off Always on
Direct Monitor Level Control
High-pass Filter Control
High-frequency Boost
Advanced Audio Processing
Ideal For Podcasting and livestreaming on a computer Recording broadcast-quality audio on a smartphone or tablet, adjusting device settings Device configuration when being used with third-party applications and software
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Download Now
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Note: Any settings that have been enabled or adjusted on the VideoMic GO II using RØDE Connect, RØDE Central or RØDE Reporter will not be retained when the microphone is plugged into a device via the 3.5mm output.

Pro Tip

Using a shotgun microphone like the VideoMic GO II or VideoMic NTG for podcasting or streaming is great for recording setups where you want the microphone to be further away from your mouth, as they are highly directional and will retain presence and clarity, even at a distance.