How To Connect the Wireless GO II to Mobile Devices

The Wireless GO II is an incredibly versatile microphone. Not only does it feature a variety of controls that make it easy to adapt to different recording situations, such as its flexible gain control and sturdy twist-and-lock windshield, but it also offers multiple connectivity options for recording with any device, including cameras, computers, smartphones, and tablets.

With its ultra-compact form factor, the Wireless GO II is the ideal microphone for filmmaking with a smartphone, particularly when you need the freedom of a wireless system – whether that’s recording an interview or vlogging with two people.

Below we’ll take a look at how to use the Wireless GO II with a smartphone or tablet and explain some of the features that will help you take your mobile filmmaking to the next level.

How to Connect the Wireless GO II to a Smartphone

In addition to its standard analog 3.5mm TRS output, the Wireless GO II features a digital audio output via the receiver’s USB-C port (which is also used for charging). This allows it to be plugged into any tablet or smartphone (or computer) over USB, without the need for adaptors or other audio interfaces.

To connect the Wireless GO II to an iOS device, you will need a Lightning Accessory Cable (USB-C to Lightning) like the RØDE SC15. The Wireless GO II is MFi-certified, meaning it is fully compatible with Apple devices and will connect and interact seamlessly with any iPhone (or iPod or iPad).

Note that you must use a Lightning Accessory Cable, such as the SC15, to connect the Wireless GO II to an iOS device. This is different to the ‘charge and sync’ cable that may have been included with your device.

To connect the Wireless GO II to an Android smartphone or any other device with a USB-C input, you will need a USB-C to USB-C cable like the RØDE SC16.

If you’re in a pinch and don’t have the right kind of USB cable on hand, you can use the 3.5mm output to plug the Wireless GO II into your device. To do this, you will need to use the supplied SC5 memory cable and a TRS to TRRS adaptor like the SC4 or a TRS to TRRS patch cable like the SC7. This is because smartphones and tablets (as well as most computers) have a TRRS input. 

However, we highly recommend using the USB output instead of the 3.5mm output when possible, as this unlocks some key features that are incredibly useful. 

Benefits of Using the USB Output to Connect the Wireless GO II to a Smartphone or Tablet

Using the Wireless GO II’s USB output to plug it into your smartphone or tablet gives you access to a number of handy features including:

  • Headphone monitoring: Using the USB output leaves the 3.5mm output free for plugging in a pair of headphones, allowing you to monitor your audio in real-time. You can even use the gain control to adjust the output level for your headphones. 
  • High-quality audio output: Using the USB output bypasses your smartphone or tablet's analog input circuitry, giving you a direct digital signal transfer for optimum quality.
  • Access to the safety channel: The safety channel is a handy feature on the Wireless GO II that is accessible via the RØDE Central app. When activated and your Wireless GO II's output is in 'Merged' mode, the Wireless GO II will output a second track of audio at -20dB as a failsafe in case your sound source suddenly gets very loud, causing distortion. Having a second track recorded at a lower volume means you will always have a clean backup of your audio. To find out more about how to access the safety channel recording, check out this blog post on recording two mics into a single camera, as the post-production process is quite similar.

How to Mount the Wireless GO II onto a Smartphone

The Wireless GO II features an innovative dual-purpose clip design that can clip onto clothes, camera straps and other items, or slide onto the cold shoe on a camera or accessory. If you’re shooting on a smartphone, we recommend using the RØDE Vlogger Kit, which comes with the Tripod 2 and SmartGrip – the perfect mount combo for your Wireless GO II. The RØDE DCS-1 is also a great addition; this features two cold shoe mounts for adding other accessories or microphones.

Using the Wireless GO II with a smartphone could not be simpler. Check out the Wireless GO II and all the features it has to offer here and find out more about how to use the Wireless GO II here.