Here Are The microSD Cards We Recommend You Use With The RØDECaster Pro

The RØDECaster Pro recently got a firmware update that, amongst some other handy new features, introduced multitrack recording direct to the on-board microSD™ card (you can read all about the update and the new functionalities here).

Since releasing the RØDECaster Pro, we've had a number of users enquiring about which microSD card is most suitable for podcast recording. Like all real-time recording devices, it is important to use a high-quality microSD card with the RØDECaster Pro. Using a cheaper or older card may mean the read and write speed of the card is compromised, and this can cause recording and playback errors.

The following cards have been extensively tested by us with the RØDECaster Pro for multitrack recording, and are recommended for optimum performance when using the multitrack to microSD recording function:


Brand Model Size
Sandisk Ultra microSD UHS-1 16 GB
Sandisk Ultra microSD UHS-1 32 GB
Sandisk Ultra microSD UHS-1 64 GB
Sandisk Ultra microSD UHS-1 128 GB
Sandisk Extreme microSD UHS-1 64 GB
Samsung EVO Plus MicroSDXC 32 GB
Samsung EVO Plus MicroSDXC 64 GB
Samsung EVO Plus MicroSDXC 128 GB
Samsung EVO Plus MicroSDXC 256 GB


Other Class 10 or better premium cards from the same manufacturers (for example, the Sandisk Ultra Plus and Extreme ranges) should also work well; we will continue to test cards for performance and compatibility and add them to this list as we verify their performance with the RØDECaster Pro.

Happy podcasting!