NTH-100M & NTH-Mic with feature points

1 NTH-Mic headset microphone

2 Right microphone attachment socket
Push microphone bayonet into place and turn clockwise to lock

3 Left cable attachment socket
Use this socket for the supplied TRRS cable

4 Ergonomic earcup

5 Removable Alcantara®️ headband cushion

6 Headband cushion locking tabs
Slide locking tabs down on either side to release

7 FitLok™️ locking tab
Twist to lock and unlock headband size adjustment

8 Red indicator for right earcup

9 Removable Alcantara®️ ear cushion
Pull to remove

Pro Tip

The NTH-100M is a low-impedance, high-sensitivity headset. This means it can be very loud, even if the volume is low on the connected device. We recommend turning down your volume to zero before plugging in the headset, and then gradually raising the volume to the desired level.

Pro Tip

You can unlock and lock the Fitlok™ adjustment whilst wearing the NTH-100M for the optimal fit – perfect for long hours of content creation.