The RØDE Connect Recording Interface

RØDE Connect interface feature points

Getting Started

Before you can start recording, you'll need to do a few things:

  1. Download and install RØDE Connect to your computer.

  2. Plug your NT-USB Mini(s), NT-USB+VideoMic NTG(s) or AI-Micro(s) into your computer. If you're using the Wireless GO II, see the walkthrough section here

  3. Plug your headphones into the 3.5mm connector on your microphone.

  4. Open RØDE Connect and click 'Get Started' to run through the Setup Assistant. Here you can allocate your microphones to the channels in RØDE Connect and add virtual channels (note: you can return to the Setup Assistant at any time).
RØDE Connect microphones setup screen

Pro Tip

Once you have allocated your microphones to the four channels in RØDE Connect, you can use the RØDE COLORS identification tags to easily keep track of who is connected to which channel.

Four NT-USB Minis using COLORS

Adding Effects and Processing to Your Voice

RØDE Connect unlocks powerful digital signal processing power available within the NT-USB Mini, the NT-USB+, the VideoMic NTG and the AI-Micro, which gives you access to a noise gate and compressor, plus the legendary APHEX Aural Exciter and Big Bottom audio processors, which are found in the world’s top recording studios, as well as the RØDECaster Pro. These are only accessible when you connect your microphone to the software and is an easy way to give your voice a rich, professional quality.

These are all enabled by default when you connect your microphone to RØDE Connect. You can turn them on/off individually by clicking the microphone icon above each channel and clicking the toggle next to each processor.

Note that as you turn each processor on and off, you will be able to hear these changes directly in your headphones. See descriptions for each processor below. Before recording, try talking into your microphone while toggling each one to hear their effect on the sound of your voice and your recording environment. 

  • Compressor – This will help make your voice more balanced and consistent.

  • Noise Gate – This will reduce background noise in your audio signal, such as air conditioners or traffic, giving your recording a cleaner, more professional sound.

  • APHEX Aural Exciter – This will enhance the higher frequencies of your voice, giving it more clarity and presence.

  •  APHEX Big Bottom – This will enhance the low-end frequencies in your voice, adding richness and depth.
NT-USB Mini connected to laptop showing RØDE Connect APHEX processing

To learn more about using RØDE Connect, check out the next section on livestreaming