The RØDE Connect Recording Interface

Large image of RØDE Connect with gold numbers next to various features (lightbox version needed)

1Level Fader: Controls the input level of the microphone. Use this to balance the volume of you and each of your guests.

2Channel Level Meter: Indicates the level of each channel. Aim to have your level ‘peaking’ around the middle of the marker on the left. If you need to tweak your level, simply adjust the level slider as required.

3Record Button: Click to start and stop recording.

4Saved Recordings Tab: Click this to access your recordings. Here you can listen back to your podcasts, delete recordings, and customise and export your podcasts.

5Marker Button: Click this to place a marker in your recording. This is useful for indicating where edits need to be made, skipping forward to important sections of your recording and more.

6Advanced Controls: Click this to access the Setup Assistant and preferences for RØDE Connect. 

7Master Output Level Meter: Indicates the level of all your channels combined.

8Recording Timer: Indicates the total recording time of your podcast.

9Channel Settings Button: Click to access the advanced controls for each channel, including effects, processing and input gain.

10Mute Button: Click to mute the channel.

11Solo Button: Click to Solo the channel in the hosts headphones.

12Sound Pads: Click these to fire off pre-recorded sounds, beep out swear words or access 'Trash-Talk' mode. Right click a sound pad to quickly access settings.

13Sound Pads Channel Settings: Click to adjust the Sound Pad settings.

14Sound Pads Bank Switcher: Click to switch beetween 8 available banks of sounds.

Pro Tip

Once you have allocated your microphones to the four channels in RØDE Connect, you can use the RØDE COLORS identification tags to easily keep track of who is connected to which channel.

COLORS set of identification tags for the NT-USB Mini

To learn more about using RØDE Connect, check out the next section on livestreaming